Any problems with UGC and 1.0.8 and double carving

Having issues with UGS.

Ok i think my issue is in the UGS 1.0.8. ill explain. For some reason my computer would not load it completely so John in customer support did his magic and got it installed. He said he never seen this issue before. I have ran a few test pieces and some come out great and some carve and then start to carve the same thing ( i call double carving) about a 1/2 inch away. Does not matter on size of the part. Now i have checked all wires there good, Fan is working put in the right direction, belts are tight, pulleys are tight, adjusted voltage on x,y steppers ( about 70% now).

The issue I am having is in the post processor screen.
1.When i jogging the machine any axis and only sometimes if i want to move it say 3 it will only move a 1/6 inch. if i set it to move 20 it may only move 1/8 inch. Now if restart the computer it will be fine for a while.
2. If i have to pause there is a 5 to 10 second delay.
3. if i cancel the program locks up and i have to restart the computer.

Could this be the issues I am have with the carving part? or is there something i am over looking?

im also having a lot of trouble with UGS but cant find anything else to use

couple things, first make sure you are using inchs and not mm as ugs seems to always default to mm. i click mm and then click back to inch before every cut or any time i jog

secondly do you have a T1M6 command on your g code? i found that this command causes UGS to freak out about half the time i run a project. it will lose steps and basically do whatever it wants. i use aspire and UGS for my cnc and needed to edit it out of the post processor i was using (the x carve post processor from inventables) to do this simply open the PP file with notepad and delete the T1M6 command at the top and save the file. now it freaks out and does what it wants only about 1/4 of the time so thats a real improvement :-/

lastly i too have been having an issue where UGS will lock up and not respond. i can open task manager and kill it that way though, have you tried that?