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Any San Diego X-Carvers?

I live in the Clairemont area, and was wondering if there are any X-carvers in the San Diego area that would be interested in getting together, compare notes, shooting design ideas around, that sort of thing?

I just got my X-carve up and sort of running (final fine tuning going on), and would love to meet some members of the community.

You still live in Clairemont? I recently got an Xcarve for my husband. I am now looking for someone to come over and give him some lessons and help him fine tune his process… he is self taught so far and I am looking for someone who has been doing it a while that can show him some tricks and tips!

Are any of you still in San Diego? I just got mine and need help.

Well I’m In Temecula/Murrieta… But do a ton of Remote help with X-Carve users.

What is the issue today? (you might be surprised what some of us have provided guidance on over the web…)

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I am unable to get passed the configuration and home the carve. All the wires are correct. I got an answer from support and did everything they told me to do and it is still the same. Im to the point now that I am willing to pay someone to come and get it working for me…