Any tips on installing the frame on the bottom and having the X-Carve sit flat?

I followed the word for word instructions from the website but when I get everything even and tightened down to the wasteboard it wobbles left and right like it’s sitting higher on the middle rail? Any help would be appreciated.

I’ve assembled three machines and changed out a couple of waste boards. I put the base frame together not quite “finger tight” so that everything can flex a bit. Then I add the waste board and loosely fasten it. Then I snug up the fasteners on the base frame, checking all the while for square. I snug up the waste board fasteners and then go back to the frame and torque those fasteners down. My assembly table is a good reference surface (large synthetic stone laboratory table) so I am able to constantly check for flatness as I tighten everything up.

My finished machines all sit on torsion box tables to keep the waste board nice and flat.

Hope that helps.

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