Any way to change grbl settings in Easel without connecting to the Xcarve?

Is there any way to change the grbl settings that Easel uses when generating/exporting gcode without connecting to the xcarve? I am using Easel to generate code to run on a linux box that has no internet out in the shop. I have some shapes that have relatively small holes “drilled” in them with a 1/4" bit, and I want to set the curve tolerance setting ($12) lower than default for them to se if I can get them closer to true size. The obvious work-around is to enlarge the holes in Easel until I get them the right size in the carve. Is there another way that isn’t just a work-around?

So when generating gcode while not connected to the hardware, where does it get the values to use?

Hmm. So the question then becomes what value those settings is currently in Easel, if they are “user-configurable”, and if it would be useful for them to be.

Well, I am no longer looking for a way to set $12. chuckle

The issue of why the holes have come out undersized in the past could be hardware, I suppose. I was looking to see if there was an easy way to change the setting and see if it makes a difference, that’s all.

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Yes. I run the setting for this bit at .245" based on the width of a straight cut.

I have not done a calibration check on it - I bought it from a man who did a very good setup on it - aside from this, everything else I have done on it has been quite accurate.

I will be checking the v wheels, particularly on the z axis. May also be lash from the belts - I have never checked the tension on them.

About time to give the machine a tune up, I’m sure.

Thanks for your insight. I’m one of those who wants to know the nitty-gritty details of how things work.

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This depends on the CAM program and the post processor that you use for it.

The G-code arc commands (G2 and G3) in grbl use the $12 setting to determine the accuracy of the arc.

Easel does not generate G2 or G3 commands and it does not pass them as a G-code sender.

All Vectric products(Aspire, Vcarve PRO, Vcarve Desktop) (with the appropriate post processor) will generate G2 and G3 commands for arcs and then $12 comes into play.

Here is a post that shows the difference when one changes $12.

Got in on the end of the thread. Should have read more carefully. :smiley:

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.[quote=“PhilJohnson, post:13, topic:35910”]
This didn’t answer the question of whether or not you calibrated your steps per mm.

That sentence didn’t answer it, but the next one did. :wink:

I am going to do that in the next day or two.


Missed this part earlier. I had thought it was that the line would not deviate from the arc more than that distance. Yes, either way it is a minuscule distance.

Thanks you again for sharing your knowledge so willingly and freely here.

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Red line is the arc tolerance distance specified in $12.