Any way to have a non carved background?

I have series of precut material of specific shape. For description sake, think of them as a pear shaped piece of wood. I know their overall width, and overall height, but they aren’t a rectangle.I want to make sure my text/pattern stays on the material. Is there anyway to setup a “background” or import a non carve able image so I can ensure my placement is correct? I have a jig setup so I know they will always be placed right, but need to use a visual template on the designer so I ensure correct placement of the elements.

As a stop gap, I have brought them in as images, set them mid depth for the design process, then deleted the element just before I carve, but its combersome and seems like a simple background image would be much easier.

I know what out mean, you can do that in other softwares, but not in Easel, unfortunately.

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