Any way to set inside and outside diameters of circles?

Is there any way to set inside and outside diameter of circles? Thanks in advance.

Draw two circles one larger than the other. Both circles should have the same center point.

Then just profile cut both circles and the distance between the two circles will be the thickness of the final cut.

Played around with Easel a bit today. What I noticed is on the tab that specifies size, you can also specify your X-Y location. Make the ID circle cut on the inside, then set the OD circle at the same X-Y position, specify to cut on the outside, and select he correct size. Make sure your end mill is sized correctly. I suggest measuring your circles before removing them from the cut tabs. If they are small, you can run them again, using the same home position and drawing. If they come out .005 small, tell easel your bit size is .2475 instead of .250, etc. Since your cutting circles, you divide the difference by 2, to compensate for each side of the circle. If you say it’s .005 small (as measured) it will cut that extra .005 on the whole circle, making it .010 bigger. For the outside diameter, it’s reversed.
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