Anybody try carving out a computer key?

Hi, my son and i are thinking of getting an xcarve and we are wondering if it would be capable of cutting out a key for a keyboard. I dont care about the letter on the top, im just talking the actual key shape including the little hollow post inside that attaches the key to the keyboard? Can it do things that small and detailed?

Is this what your looking for keyboard

With a lot of fiddling, fine tuning, the proper jig for 'Flip Milling" (or two sided carving), the proper settings and overall setup. YES, what you ask can be done, However, buying an X carve just to turn out keyboard keys would require a long process of learning and trial and error before you get to an acceptable result and would likely lead to a lot of frustration and headache (depending on your level of commitment and your understanding of the machine itself)

That does NOT mean that the machine is not capable… It is VERY capable of milling small objects with very fine detail, but the fine detail/flip milling you are looking for is not a simple task. (ask the many members of this forum who have explored micro-machining)

Computer keyboard keys and small fiddley parts like that are a task more suited to a 3D printer.

unfortunately, I really want to do them in wood :frowning:

no, i’m talking about an individual key.