Anybody use this?

I just bought some from A much smaller box store. I’ve never done the technique of using sealer then paint and wipe.

Have you used it and what kind of results am I looking at?

I’ve used it once and it works great. You need to be cognizant of the issues when using a laquer under other paint types. I wasn’t. Fortunately the fill paint was for small area and the problem was only seen by me. If you use laquer under a non-laquer paint, the adhesion is problematic. If your using only laquer products it works just fine.

what is the use/technique for this? Curious.

I have a question I just got my x-crave before I assemble it has anybody used spray foam inside of the frame to make it stronger

From what I understand is that you either spray this or use a brush style sealer to seal the pores before paint. This gives you the ability to use to colors of paint without the chance of bleed thru. I hope I’m explaining it right. Here’s how I learned about this technique here

So in other words… sealing so you don’t have to use tons of primer coats to seal something like MDF?

Sanding sealer works great with MDF. First, if you coat it and let it dry prior to cutting, it holds fine detail better. Second, you can sand it smooth like glass and paint does not soak in. It also works great on oak, when painting v-carved letters - i use sanding sealer before the carve to improve the quality of the carve, and then after, into the letters. THen I can slop paint into the letters and it sands off better. When sanding off the over paint a heave grit like 120 is best. 180 grit takes longer and the paint can heat and smear even if dry (in my experience). I’ve done 20 or 30 pieces of oak with painted v-carve letters and this is my go-to process.


K thank you

Great explanation, better than I could muster