Anybody want to guess what I am doing?

Wife was super good to me on my birthday this year. :grinning:


And so the fun / frustration begins…:wink:
(but more fun)


Awful nice of her to buy you a wasteboard :smile:

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Yea, what can I say - she’s a giver. :slight_smile:

Ok. That really did make me laugh out loud.

I may be giving spoilers here but she did give me more than just a waste board. Like any good movie, the story will unfold (and hopefully it won’t be a comedy or classic tragedy).

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Are you…making cookies?


No worries, I’m a fan of the mystery genre as well.

Welcome to the club. A lot of folks on here are super helpful. The Inventables team is also quick to support any questions. If you run into any issues, don’t hesitate to post it here. Be sure to search as well as there is already a wealth of knowledge on the forum as others have worked through their builds.

Yea, I have picked up on that. About the same time I posted this thread I also posted an introduction one in the x-carve root category. I mentioned it there and will say here also…I have been lurking here for awhile learning as much as I can - and I have already learned a lot and, unlike in other forums, old timers are willing to help. If I do run into issues, and I quite possibly will, I will certainly ask this community but not after a search - I always do that first.

No, it’s a breakfast table. Nice gift. She also ordered this one which shipping cost is a high $.

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I guess its a good way to keep your bacon and eggs in line, eh?

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I love bacon!

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Really nice cutting board! Make sure to oil it all up and was it.

“Anybody want to guess what I am doing?”

… getting ready to ask @PhilJohnson for help… Its ok… we all do it.


Made some headway today. Had to stop though because one of the v-wheel bolts didn’t have the Allen wrench hole in it (manufacturing fail). I called and they are sending me some replacements but, until they arrive, I am in a holding pattern.

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Just be sure and use “Lock Tite” on all you set screws! See “Was about to sell the X-Carve… when” article and understand why!

I just read that posting about 30 minutes ago. I decided I would pick some up tomorrow and reset those set screws. I don’t believe my thread shaft has the flat side either and I certainly don’t want to experience what you did.

its getting exciting isn’t it??
Almost like you don’t want to go to bed.

Yes it is. Very much. I spent 3 1/2 hours today in the garage with no distractions or reasons to rush. Kinda hated that I had to stop when I did (can’t go farther till I get the bolt for the v-wheel). But, it is what it is.

I have been looking at the many items others have made and have come up with an idea, something I have not seen, and I can’t wait until I can start tackling that. Thing is, it works just fine in my mind…just need to see how reality will play it out.

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Nice, makes me want to take mine apart and build it again.

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Huge nod to inventables. I called them yesterday about the bad bolt. They said I would have it in a couple of days…it arrived today! They sent it next day air.