Anyone able to convert a Pic into a G-Code for me?

Hey all,

I have been asked to make a headstone for a funeral and I’m trying to figure out how to put a 6"x8" headshot picture on a piece of Walnut. I’m not sure I can pull this off and I’m a mediocre user of Easel but I’m finding out that this task is a little above my pay grade and will have to be done in another program and by someone else. Would anyone be willing to doing a picture in one of the advanced software programs and send me a G-Code or do you have any suggestions as to what program I should use to make this file easily and in a timely manner? I have an intermediate set of bits but nothing too extravagant (V-bits, 1/32, 1/16, 1/8). Any advice would be helpful.

Thanks everyone and Happy Carving!

And just for clarification, it doesn’t have to be G-Code. Any file would work as long as I can import it into Easel.

(Sorry, lack of coffee. LOL)

I’ve used this program to convert images to stl meshes which can be converted to gcode by a CAM program that can do 3d (not sure about Easel).

Otherwise you can use an engraver program like Picsender (I haven’t used this one)