Anyone able to export Fusion360 to laser cutter?

Ok… i’ve got that down, Jedi Master Kenobi. I have never done anything with post processors, and am new to the Laser Cutter.

They import from “Inkscape” here. But, if I understand correctly, I should be able to laser cut directly from Fusion 360 now.

1.) Am I correct?
2.) If so, is there a list of steps which could follow on this as well?

The real question you need to ask them is whether the cutter you’re using can take gcode or not. If it’s a Chinese K40 laser with the original controller it cannot.

BTW, tonight I’m looking at the gcode generated by the Smoothie post processor and it’s got a fatal error in it which prevents it from working. I’m trying to figure out why and what would need to be done to fix it.

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I’m pretty sure the post processors on that page are out of date and don’t support the new laser operations correctly. I’m still investigating. One option (not as good) might be to use the DXF export post processor which can then be processed in your other laser software. I’ll be trying to learn more about what is required and will then see if I can get an updated post processor published.

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I wish that I could watch someone on a video using a “Post-Processor” to laser cut. That way, I could see if it’s possible in this space.

Not sure exactly what you need to see, but I’m willing once I understand.

There are post processors which claim to support laser. If you go here you can see a few. My concern is that they all seem to have no changes for 150+ days, but the new preview waterjet/laser/plasma features came out more recently than that. I also found this post processor which seemed good, but again is too old to support the new operations. Also telling for that last one is the test f3d file when imported has “laser” operations which are disabled (and didn’t work correctly for me), but the operations which are enabled seem to use a 2D milling operation for a 0.2mm flat milling bit instead of the laser.

The closest I’ve been able to come so far is to install the post processor that generates a DXF file. I was able to generate a DXF file from lines in a sketch, then bring that DXF into Laserweb, generate the gcode, and send it to the laser. The downside of that approach is that you lose the home point defined in the CAM setup in Fusion, the drawing is shifted such that the minimum X and Y points on the drawing are shifted to the X and Y axis.

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Interesting that the post processors are so out of date. I have finally found a method which works for me in the Makerspace. I have also been exporting from sketch to DXF. I then open (rescaling to inches at a rate of 25.4) in Inkscape as advised by Phil Johnson. I then set up the export from Inkscape to the laser cutter and run it.

It is becoming more fluid with practice. But, the idea of going to a “Cut” option, seems SOOO much nicer! LMFAO

However, I have still never used a post processor for anything, and would like to see the process (if possible). Are you by any chance able to get your X-Carve to run ops from Fusion 360 through a “Post-Processor”? If so, I’d love to see the process. :smiley: