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Anyone around Chicago want this awful XCarve mess

If anyone around Northern Illinois or southern Wisconsin is into torture and has $3000.00 I’ll deliver a new never assembled pile of junk that comes in hundreds of individual pieces they call the XCarve Pro.

Honestly never assembled unit they call Pro…lol, more like a bad puzzle

Believe it was bought late July delivered sometime in August… asked and offered more than $500.00 for someone to assemble…support is non-existent.
So paid $3,304.85 for this mess and don’t remember if shipping was extra, but the first person that is into torture that offers 3k can have this mess.

Oh… if y’all there at Corporate think this post is bad… if it does not sell here, I will then list it on our, The Academy Media Group, EBay page and believe me…
The video I will drop onto the listing describing this mess, will be really fun to watch.

X-Carve - 30686-05
DeWalt Router - 30621-01
X-Carve 1000mm Waste Board Kit - 30703-03 (×2)
Easel Pro Membership - 30788-02
X-Carve 1000mm Rail Kit - 30689-03
X-Carve Drag Chain Kit - 30771-06
X-Controller Kit - 30618-06
X-Carve NEMA 23 Kit - 30773-06
X-Carve DeWalt Spindle Mount - 30610-06
Z-Probe - 30611-02
X-Carve 1000mm Side Board Kit - 30706-03
X-Carve Dust Control System - 30740-04
X-Carve Homing Switch Kit - 30772-06
X-Carve Toolkit - 30540-02
Clamp Set for 3D Carving - 30675-02
Digital Calipers - 25937-01
Bit Set for Wood and Plastic - 30652-02
1/8” Bit Set for V-Carving - 30784-02
X-Carve Upgrade: 9 mm Belt and Motor Kit - 30879-01
X-Carve Upgrade Kit - 30880-01
Precision Collet Kit for DeWalt 611 - 30671-02

To start on the right footing: I am not employed by or otherwise compensated by Inventables, just another customer with his own views and opinions.

Based on the price point and the list of items, you purchased the standard X-Carve not an Xcarve Pro.
Using the incorrect product term could be effecting your ability to find the correct documentation. :thinking:

Do you believe that you were lied to or misled regarding the requirements of assembly?
There is a ton of existing media on the web (inventables website and youtube channel, as well as other channels) covering the assembly process on the X-Carve in great detail. Many of these include the unboxing which would clarify the state of the machine at delivery. :man_shrugging:

You are claiming that the purchase was a mistake and that you have a “aweful XCarve mess” and that it’s “a bad puzzle” but attempting to re-sell it at a 10% discount off of what you paid.
One would think that if it is such a “mess” that maybe you would offer to sell it at a lesser amount. Does the original warranty extend to the 3rd party buyer?

If you require assistance on assembly issues, or would like direction to those tutorial resources that i mentioned prior I would be happy to provide those to you. However it sounds like you’re more interested in offloading the cnc at this point though. :man_shrugging:

And I’ll end this with a quick statement of facts and a possible solution to this sort of negative customer experience in the future:
There are a small percentage (roughly 5%) of brand new cnc (and laser) owners who make a machine purchase (X-Carve and other brands as well) and end up realizing it was a mistake and that they lack the cognitive aptitude to assemble and/or operate such a device. There are $15,000 cnc’s that come with less documentation and worse support than the X-Carve does.

Of course Its not my company to make this type of decisions, and a proper cost benefit analysis would be appropriate before actually putting it into place, but it might be a good idea to include a questionnaire (or even cognitive test) as a part if the pre-sale to ensure that the buyer is abundantly clear as to the assembly requirements, process, and documentation level as well as the operational procedures once it is built.


If you’re looking to sell this, it would be easier to sell if assembled and running. I have seen X carve owners’ videos on YouTube where they confess that they struggled with the assembly. Not all of us have had hobby experience to make all aspects of assembly easy.

I recommend that you stop by your local high school and talk with the shop teacher (or whatever title shop teachers have these days). That person would probably know one or two students who have the skills to do the assembly (…basic electrical wiring…mechanical assembly…following schematics etc.) Assembling your unit might even be a reasonable teaching point for the class. In any case, I think you would be better served by asking for some help.

The Chicago area is also a large area that probably contains quite a few X-Carve users. You might be able to find someone nearby who could help you get past your pain points.

Everyone here has put together a CNC kit and we all know how frustrating assembly can be especially when something doesn’t work right out of the box.

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As stated… I am not interested in assembly, only selling off the mess. Selling here would be best being I am not only the Director of a Media Group but also the USA Boxing Athlete rep for Illinois. As media Director I did intend to speak to the product online on one of the pages with near three quarters of a million posts, comments and reactions a month. Doubt that will be happening now, though if it does not sell here, it may be fun to create a video to go with a EBay listing.

The ‘mess’ line I use… It is no secret to Corporate, it in fact how I described their product in emails with them. The reality of what arrives after purchase is merely a pile of sourced products.
It is a very good thing that Corporate has this message site where problems can be discussed… ‘peer to peer’, since there is not really any corporate product support. Almost like a medical provider without their own staff to deal with questions and difficulties logging into a peer to peer network…odd, but still a good move on their part.

Some of the strings really are amusing, Problems with cutting depth, responses like playing cards ‘n’ resurface the entire board… X-y plotting problems and more, that get zero answers or support from the outfit that sources the parts one receives. So again yes, this site with all the difficulties being discussed is likely one of their best moves.

Assembly was not spoke to at any point during the video meeting that sold the unit… they did not lie, they just forgot to mention that 7 to 10 hours of assembly was the norm. As the athlete rep for USA Boxing Illinois I took the toy to create trophies for a 9-11 Event, the idea was to make 9/11 “Teardrop Memorial, the guy online did a layout of in the plotting program and walked me through all the different things to click and order.
Truth is I likely have more hardwoods stocked than most, taken with a basic Rancher and my 395XP with a 56 inch bar… A real woodshop with thousands of board feet of black walnut, different oaks, maple, and more. A 24 inch spiral planer, sawmill and lots more right down to simple band, scroll saws, plank routers and the rest.
And guess what… all basically came assembled and though they all have people and strings that comment on their products, all have a true corporate service and support system in place.
Seth… let me fix that condescending close of yours…
And I’ll end this with a quick statement of facts and a possible solution to this sort of negative customer experience in the future with someone that has the ability to speak on a media page with near 3/4’s of a million interactions a month:

  1. Give some real consideration to creating a service, assembly and training aspect within the company.
  2. Why, because in the ‘diversify or die’ land of business there are not really any product additions like bits and such that would increase corporates bottom line and positive feedback like a real support system would.
  3. Lastly… refer back to #2, give some real thought to the fact that, diversify or die is a reality in business
    Of course Its not my company to make this type of decisions, and a proper cost benefit analysis may be appropriate before actually putting it into place, but it might be a good idea to include assembly, troubleshooting and training teams as options during the pre-sale to diversify and increase the bottom line come years end.

So… anyone interested in buying a pile of sourced parts?

Have given some thought to assembly… but the lady at corporate that I spoke to about sending someone to assemble stated, the unit is shipped as sourced parts because it does not ship well assembled. So it just seemed best to allow whomever a shot… a chance to assemble it at their own shop.
She in fact as we went back and forth about sending someone to put the mess together stated that, assembly would help give the owner some of the skills to trouble shoot and operate the unit as time went by.
I just hope the next time she takes her car in for service they charge her, then hand her some tools and tell her where the video is explaining how to fix the car and tell her to get to work…lol
Bottom line it may be a useful product for some… just not for us.

I deleted my first bunch of thoughts as I thought this was in the regular forum discussion and not the “for sale or trade” part. I hope you get some peace with the whole thing.

Opinions likely vary… and that is a good thing.
Reality is, there are assembled machines being sold.
Some will without doubt agree with Martin that I am unjustly picking on the company.

Though some others will recognize after reading all the comments on difficulties in these strings, that in the land of ‘diversify or die,’ assembly, training and service teams may be the only true way to increase the… bottom line and remain relevant in a very competitive area of business.
If considered and implemented they will not help me… but they would I believe help the company.

You’ve posted more than I care to dispute. But you’re wrong on many levels.
You’re wrong for threatening negative feedback because you didn’t read the website as you placed the order, the requirement of assembly is pretty clear.

If you believe that you were purposely deceived, that’s a different issue and a valid complaint if its true. I would pursue return for full value rather than re-selling it if that were the case, the BBB can assist if you are getting nowhere with returns directly. As well as a charge back if you paid via CC.

But it looks like the requirement of assembly and the photos of how the machine will arrive is pretty clearly shown. The FAQ page that is also linked on these sales pages also answers the question of the assemble process…

You’re wrong for attempting to dig through my prior posts to try to place me in a negative light personally.

The issue of uneven depths is a common mis-understood issue that I’ve seen Laguna, Stepcraft, and Avid cnc owners post questions about. I also own 3 non x-carve CNC’s, so I’ve got no real Loyalty to the company I simply believe that your negativity is unwarranted.
Moving on to your reply to Martin:

Well, vehicle manufacturers do not service vehicles, they manufacture then and then individually owned service centers exist because there is a market for repairs. Sure the companies that bear the brand logos and names are licensed by the manufacturer, but they are not owned by said vehicle manufacturer, vehicle repair is a 3rd party service. Your comparison is inaccurate.

IF you search for an assembly technician in the right places (the X-Carve Facebook Groups) and you’ve got deep enough pockets to take someone away from their cnc business to assemble the machine for you, then you might find someone to assemble it for you. I doubt you’d have good luck in getting anybody who has assembled more than one machine for the $500 offer.
My price for CNC assembly is $4,000 plus accommodations and travel. This covers assembly and running one small test carve in front of the client.

If the sole purpose of your post here was to offloading the machine you’d have better luck to simply say “didn’t work out - new in box - For Sale” and list the components leaving it without all the negative talk, then this whole conversation would not have ensued, leading to your further frustration. And the listing would have probably already received a few offers.

I will agree that whoever walked you though the ordering process should be fired. If a client cannot navigate the ordering process themselves then it should have been abundantly clear to your sales person that the customer is not prepared for the ownership of a CNC and would likely result in a poor company/client relationship as we have seen in this thread.

I’m turning off the notifications for this thread now.


Lol… amusing string, just a few thoughts.
Simply put my social media reach was spoke to as a lost opportunity for me to speak to the machine, if I was going to ‘rip them a new one’ that would have been done long ago.
I did not go back into anyones profile and search what they posted… the card leveling and the depth posts, are all just above or below mine on one of the active post screens… and there are quite a few of them posted here.
Your speaking to all this BBB fraud, fire the guy, and frustration nonsense are… your comments not mine.
I tried to keep my comments fairly honest…
I bought the machine just to make a few trophies and plaques for the athletes, I never had any intention to try to make money with it. I really do not care that much about money.
The system does in fact arrive as a bunch of sourced parts. Though I understand the ‘axis’ runs may not travel through shipping well, there are likely a few other things that could be assembled or done at the factory.
And in the diversify or die land of business about the only thing I can speak to to make the product different from the other machines out there is that develop a true product support, install and training program. With all systems offering lasers, some that additional side axis, selling assembled units, and more, the only thing no one seems to be doing is… developing true product support, install and training programs.

Just like something worthwhile for Inventables to consider… so anyway,
Anyone into… puzzles, I’ve got one here for sale.


If you’re in Chicago, I am about three hours away from you. I would be happy to offer $1500 to take the “mess” off your hands. I would make the drive to pick it up so you would not have to deal with the hassle of shipping.

…or… If you’re interested, we can negotiate a deal for me to assemble the machine for you.

I am sorry you had a negative experience.

… Just providing options…:blush::wink:

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Appreciate the offer, but it seems you will have to win a few more Bingo Nights to get together that 3K.
Simply put… putting it together is not the problem, likely quite simple.
But why should a client spend hours upon hours putting together a unit that has zero onsite product support??
It really makes no sense at all to knowingly torpedo ones own company with a marked lack of concern for buyers.
I fear, theirs will be a short run in this business.


… Well, heaven sakes! :flushed: I guess I will have to START playing BINGO first… Maybe you can teach me the ropes? :crazy_face::face_with_hand_over_mouth: I hear cards are involved? … Or is this about the dog, B - I - N - G - O? I can play THAT on the piano, but it’s kinda a “mess”…

…$1000… FINAL OFFER! :woman_shrugging:t2:

For you a special offer…
Thirty thousand… to be paid with bags of pre-64 silver quarters.

Being this post has some of the highest numbers of people reading it… might as well have some fun.
I’ll lend you a wheelbarrow to bring the silver up north to McHenry for free.


How sweet you are! :revolving_hearts: Have your people call my people to get that “rolling”…:joy::rofl: (By the time they arrive, I’m sure they’ll be asking you to compensate for their time and a bit extra to forget your address. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

:v: Good luck to you in finding someone to own your “mess”. :wink:

Wtf does boxing director have to do with you not being able to follow written instructions. Stop being such an asshat. And state you want to sell it. The extra crappola you add to your posts make you like like ummmmm ignorant. I have “this mess” as you call it. And I’ll admit I’m not a rocket scientist, my wife says I’m a dork. But I had no issue. Stop with the negative blah blah blah. And post it with “For sale”. Good luck selling it.
Btw. Media? Marketing? You need improvement.
Wait second thought. You’re a genius. Negative post on a great product gets the people talking. Shear genius.


LOL… possibly you missed what the string is that this fairly accurate description of the product being a mess of sourced parts is posted to, the ‘For Sale or Trade’ page.

Truth is, if one looks at the different strings of comments and the different problems being discussed my comments that go beyond the unit itself that speak to creating a true corporate support system do seem worth some thought.
I can not think of any truly successful corp that does not provide those simple services.

Anyway… sorry you don’t like the ‘mess’ line?
Okay… here it is, all the well organized sourced parts for you to have some fun with while you spend about 8 hours of your time doing what… corporate cannot.

And… the board that is open on the floor has a bump in the corner… they sent another one, but reading all the different comments some post, seems you might have to router the entire board as some do to get things perfectly level, for the Easel program to cut correctly anyway.
So here is another board for the unit that will also be included. I’ll even toss in a bottle of Excedrin or a few of those little ‘airport bottles’ of one thing or another for free.

“Btw. Media? Marketing? You need improvement.”
Amusing that anyone would think that ‘coach or media’ would take the time to assemble and promote a machine that has zero corporate support… Just seems odd to have the buyers supporting buyers, even though some on here are from corporate and not buyers… no one with pages that get more that 500,000 interactions a month, like I would speak to the product.
No matter really… Social media cannot really promote a product, right…lol
It is not like exposure to the 2500+ boxing gyms across America and/or the tens of thousands on our social media pages daily could have generated any interest or sales of the product that Corporate could have profited from.
So anyway… 3K delivered and as stated, the aspirin is free.

It sounds to me that you are simply looking to raise attention. If you were to spend as much time assembling as you have on the long rants against the product and company you would be carving some really nice things now.
This is an entry level CNC that you can see by the price level. By assembling the unit you gain an intimate knowledge of the components and how each effect the others.
It sounds like you should either spend $30,000 or more and get an industrial machine or rent some time on someone’s machine that they have in service.
Best of luck to you on this.



Absolutely everything you write oozes with an overinflated sense of self-importance.

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Raising attention, yes along with selling the mess… that was the idea.
Raising attention to an obvious need… if after seeing all the comments from others on this site, anyone that does not understand there may be a need to diversify some with a true corporate trained support system, may be lying to themselves.