Anyone can help? (1830 CNC)

Hello there, hope someone can help as ive just brought a 1830 CNC machine but i try it on easel i try and move my axis but nothing moves no noise nothing BUT if i go to turn spindle on it turns on any idea whats going on ?
and it reads my CNC as the carve button turns green

best add i did try this in my house PC it worked but then took it outside in she and hooked it up to pc in there thats when i found this problem

Don`t know if it will help but here goes. I bought an 1830 machine that came with software and I installed on first computer which included the necessary drivers. Then I replaced computer when I upgraded machine but forgot about the drivers. OOPS!!!

thanks Richard ill look at that

i got it all working now, it was my motherboard , it stopped working so i got a new one this morning and everything works thanks guys merry Christmas to you all

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