Anyone check these out yet?

I got to speak to Brook Drumm the Ceo of Printrbot the other day at the Maker Fair and he was telling me about how they just released two cnc models. He didn’t have them at the fair but I just looked at there website. They look interesting, anyone research these yet? thoughts? There definitely pricier, but I don’t think there a kit. I only know of there 3d printers.

They have had these in the works for some time. Their printers are a high quality and I am sure the CNC will be too. That said, price vs quality is a funny thing. I almost bought a Printrbot when they first were on Kickstarter but did not. I watched as most 3D printers became cheaper and theirs kept going up in price when they made improvements and model changes. I ended up buying a cheap Chinese Prusa I3 to see if I would use it. The quality was actually very good for the price.

Time will tell if they have enough features to justify the cost of their product and of course enough people buy it to continue support.

The Crawlbot is an odd machine, I understand that they wanted a machine that could cut a full sheet of plywood yet be storable in a small area the size of a golf bag, And I am very impressed with the design they came up with. What I don’t understand is who has been waiting on this form factor?

It seems to me that anyone that is using a CNC Router to cut full sheets of plywood already has a shop large enough to deal with full sheets of plywood. It just seems like a lot of trouble to set up (and calibrate) and take apart again for one off cuts.