Anyone cut a big hole in their table (intentionally)?

Considering cutting a large hole into my table to allow me to carve things that are far bigger than the distance between my table and the bit. I’d like to be able to carve the front, top and sides of wooden boxes etc after they’re made - and yes, I know it’s easier to do this beforehand.

Anyway, it’s something I was considering and would be interested in see what others have done, what clamping ideas they’ve come up with and so on. Whilst I’ve little doubt I can successfully do it, I don’t want to reinvent the wheel…

I haven’t tried this myself but I have seen some builds where others didn’t attach their wasteboard to the frame or their frame to their workbench so they could remove the wasteboard as needed for thicker work pieces and put risers underneath the frame if needed as well.

Thinking about doing something like this in the future I wonder if it would work well to attach the frame of the X-Carve to a workbench using T-Slot rails with hold down clamps and have T-Slot rails in the middle of the workbench that the wasteboard could be slid into and out of as necessary to adjust for thicker materials :thinking:. This way you wouldn’t need to cut into your wasteboard or workbench/table at all.

An idea I’m considering is removing the wasteboard and mounting the X-carve over a wood lathe with a modified Z axis to reach it. Haven’t done anything with this yet.

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