Anyone done an MFT Jig?

Yes, and pictures please as things progress! I’m going to do some tests today and then work on my outfeed table first.

If I invest in making/buying clamps ($$$$) for an MFT top it will KILL me to use the normal twist, twist, twist, twist screw down function of the wasteboard and so I might have to follow an idea in this thread …

I cut several test holes in scrap plywood until I git a hole that I was happy with using 30 mm bush guide and 12.7 router bit.

The jig as the tabs were trimmed off

I think I am going to have to look and my calibration setup as all the 10 guide holes are different sizes ranging from 34.5 to 35.7 and all the holes that I have cut soo far using it have been really tight for the bench dogs, ranging between 19mm to to 19.8mm

One type of clamp using this system just involves some bench dogs placed in the holes around the workpiece and using wedges to provide your clamping pressure. And the more work space that you have these holes in the better an investment it would be because you could use these anywhere that you have put the dog holes!

So it didn’t go so well with my outfeed table. First hole pretty much perfect and then a hair smaller with each following. The ones on the last row are quite visibly not circular.

I have done large intricate carves with no issues so this step loss is confounding.

I should also mention that going into the second to last row, all of a sudden the row spacing jumped by an inch or so.

Oh well. Learning!!

Sounds like you might need to calibrate your steps/mm. Also measure your bushing outside diameter and your router bit. Frustrating when math doesn’t work.