Anyone else burned out their router yet?

Well as with ANY tool, endless hours of usage heats it up so if you run it for 1-10 hours a day under load of making signs for the most part no router was made for that amount of use - especially a trim router. There are bearings, brushes and other pieces that if heated too much or too often can become brittle. Bosch Colt and Dewalt 611 are a couple of the top contenders for quality in a router but I do not think any tool can be expected to last forever. I am making brackets for the Ridged Palm Router for the fact that almost any unit you put on will burn out eventually, but Ridged has a lifetime Warranty and that means when it does die I can have it replaced fairly quick. I will probably even have a spare on hand in case it does need to go out for replacement. After all if you are doing some serious sign making a backup $100 tool is not an amazing cost.

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