Anyone else have uneven cutting problem?

So I’ve notices a pattern on my XCarve. It will always cut the left side of the board but cuts the right side very shallow. Sometimes it doesn’t even touch the board and I can put it at a deeper depth and it still won’t touch it. I have squared my router to the axis, tightened all the wheels and the board has been planed. On some of my previous carves it will carve everything perfectly except for a few letters.

This isn’t the best picture, but it’s a carve I’m doing right now.

If the surface board have been skim cut the only other two options that allow for inconsistent depth are:

  • Uneven thickness of material to be carved
  • Play on Z-axis or loosing position (lost steps)

I really hope Haldor, has helped you cause that sign does not read nice…hope all is well !!

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I’ve noticed that if I put any amount of pressure on the router while it is carving, it becomes readable, but definitely a massive difference in depth

Mary did you figure out what the problem was because ours is doing the same thing. i think that it could be that my gantry is twisted and that is causing it to not carve on the right side.

To be honest, I never could figure it out and have just stopped using the machine out of frustration. I wish they had a team that could physically come out and service the Xcarve because I cannot for the life of me figure out what is wrong.

You could try to reach out the the community as someone may be close and willing help :slight_smile:

Failing that, provide solid pictures of your Z-axis (pulleys/belt/screws…anything mechanical) might provide clues to where attention may be required.


Mine is having the same problem. I’ve only had it a couple months and haven’t used it much because of this problem. It’s also leaving grooves. I use the recommended cut settings haven’t messed with the crossover settings.