Anyone else thinking about cutting a slot in their dust boot?

After seeing the design of the inventables dust boot I’m thinking about cutting a slot in my suckit dust boot.

I made a dust boot last year that had a slot made in it to make for easy removal when things had to be done with the bit zeroed out

the thought has crossed my mind…

Ill probably end up running it thru the table saw ill post pictures if it works

It hasn’t until right now lol why must you tempt me

it should be easy to slot dust boot.

I first did a cut out on the back which would allow removal with most bits. Then I glued it back with superglue and did the mod to allow the front half to be pulled away like Phils. I really like how the second mod works!

I may have voided my warranty! Haha! Well worth it IMHO! Makes zeroing “Z” so much easier!

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Any issue when cutting thru the bristles?

Bandsaw worked great. You can also remove the bristles and cut them with hand cutters.

You sir get bonus points for that grounding wire.

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I went ahead and did it as well… I even glued the bristle part back on to make a little “dust gate” for the bits…

Happier now that I can probe without fighting the bristles… :thumbsup:

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That hose originally would make your hair stand on end on a dry day. That copper wire, grounded, made all the difference. I’m pretty sure it played a part in the disconnect issues I was having.