Anyone else unable to login?

i’ve been trying for two hours, I’ve reset my browser, cleared cookies; etc… no luck, this is fastly becoming a $24 a month blackhole…

Yet another reason that I don’t use software that is tied to the internet…

Have you tried contacting the software manufacturer? What software are use using? Is this the only program you are having trouble with logging on?


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hey Don, among the other 40K-ish users in the various Easel and X-Carve groups, nobody else posted with issues regarding login issues in months.

And when there was a 15 minute outtage some months ago there were 17 posts (not just comments because there were even more comments, but actually 17 original posts) about it. soo I’d have to chalk this one up to not a service related issue on the side of Easel/Inventables but rather more likely an issue local to your provider or your PC possibly.
IF you happen to be on Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base, I know they had a total outage from Cox Cable over the weekend. :person_shrugging: