Anyone got a LinuxCNC config for x-Carve?

I’m hoping to do a motor test tonight and it would speed things along if I could get configuration assitance from anyone who’s already set up LinuxCNC.
My machine is 1000mm with NEMA23 motors. I’ll be running a Gecko G540 if that helps.
I’ve set this sort of thing up before but it can be a pain to get right so I’m not afraid to take advantage of someone else’s hard work! :grin:


@GeoffSteer, have you figured out the settings? I just got the same machine you have and am thinking about using Linuxcnc to control it. Like you, I can spend a lot of time tinkering, but wouldn’t mind a little shove in the right direction. Any advice?

@EvanSmith Yes, I have Linuxcnc configured and working on the X-Carve. I did have to change from the IBM Think-center that I was going to use as it’s latency figures were bad. I ended using a HP system of about the same vintage which gave excellent results.
I’m running Linuxcnc 2.7.3 (the latest) on Ubuntu 12.04.5 LTS. It’s running a Gecko G540 with the A axis slaved for the second Y axis motor. Motor direction may differ depending on how your motors are wired. Home switches are wired normally closed and all are connected in series to a single input pin. (I may change this to be the same as the X-Carve i.e. separate connections for each home switch, so I also run the system with an Arduino controller - one day)

Here are the config files I’m using (7.0 KB)
You may have to tweak the stepconf file to suit the results from your own latency tests.