Anyone have any experience with Thompson's Waterproofer?

Has anyone tried this Thompson’s Waterproofer?

Only for a very off-label purpose. I use Thompson’s to protect calf skin banjo heads from changes in humidity. The traditional calf skin heads are incredibly sensitive to the weather and require constant adjustment. That’s one of the reasons modern banjos are now sold with Mylar heads. That and the fact that bluegrass banjos with Mylar heads emit a very irritating almost metallic sound that bluegrass banjoists seem to want. Oldtime banjos have a completely different percussive sound. (BTW: I have heard every banjo joke ever told.)

Some people commented on Amazon that it stays tacky. Was that your experience?

I sprayed some on plywood a little while ago. Very thin, and as far as I can tell has zero tack wet or dry. Maybe I’m not very discriminating. Interesting that it is listed on Amazon under aerosol adhesives. Maybe the comments were for a different product. This is a waterproofer.