Anyone have experience with Shapeoko 2, Easel, and this Laser Module?

I am looking to invest in the following module: (The $135 one) and was curious if anyone has used this module or similar to help get me started. I have seen post where users use easel with faked settings for the cut head to get the right speed in order to cut with the laser but I haven’t seen anyone mention a specific module. I don’t want to build my own laser module but rather buy a pre-built and spend my time honing a software controller for it.

Thanks for any advise. If you currently laser cut with your shapeoko 2 please let me know what modules you use.

David Bates

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use, its a software for using a cnc with a laser module. its kind of like easel but for laser cutting.

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Go here
he has everything you need and you cannot beat his customer service. Worth every penny you spend…

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can I get some help or info on using picengrave with shapeoko 2 laser…I just can’t seem to get it to work with my laser module…I have the same module suggested on this forum

Hi Nathan,

You did not respond to the last email I sent you. Is your J-Tech laser working for you now? If it’s still not working properly, contact Jay at and he can help you sort it out.

Hey Picengravertoo…we did finally get it to work and bought the pic lite…thanks for your help…ended up being an issue with the arduino uno board

Nathan, how was it to build and configure this upgrade? Also i assume it would work on the new Xcarve as well correct? I am thinking about ordering a second xcarve and trying this out. Any suggestions. What all have you created with it?


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It was actually relatively easy…we are building our own laser engravers from ground up and are putting together a list of parts for others to order and build…if you have an xcarve or shapeoko…you can purchase a jtech laser kit"$224" and purchase picengrave lite"$15" and picsender"15"…pic lite was developed to effectively work with the jtech driver…I’m talking about a very quick and simple upgrade…

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When do you think your parts list will be ready to go? Also will this parts list be everything including the gantry, rails, software, etc? or will it be based off of an X-carve or something like that? Im trying to figure out how to get into laser engraving with out taking out a small car loan to buy one?

This is a 30x30 ground up system…it costs around 700 and that includes software, brackets, motors, powersupply, motor drivers, laser and driver…we have the dxf files to create all the brackets or have a local fab shop waterjet or laser cut them out…I had access to a waterjet…but had our local company quote to cut them out and it was $65

This system can hang on the wall out of the way…doesn’t need to be rigidly mounted…can be set on top of your desired surface to be engraved

The table that it is on…is actually going to be used for my xcarve. .I will just sit it up on a fold out table when my xcarve gets herei

Also…not sure how fast you are wanting to engrave…they have a 1.7W and 2.8W laser for you to chose from that use the same driver…the engraving speed us reflected in your laser output…this will be no were near as fast as a CO2 laser, but also no were near the cost and maintenance of one either…I burned a 15" x 10" sign in about 45 min. to an hour

Fast would be good but presicion is better. When do you think your parts list will be ready? 30 x 30 is a good size as well. This has my attention and I’m really interested.

We are pretty much done…I think we have the BOM done for the machine and look to post in the next couple of days…we have currently built 3 of these machines and theyy are working very well, most of the parts come from openbuilds, inventables,jtech photonics, picengrave, amazon…we are also working on a 3d printer design using the same system …we currently have one 3d printer purchased on seemycnc… affordable and can make a lot of parts yourself

Ok please keep me in. I don’t when you release the bom and instructions for assembly as this is very much a high priority for me to build one.

Hey Paul,

I havent yet had time to put together a BOM list yet, but I have a .step file I can PM you if you would like to look at it (Obviously, your discretion regarding the files would be very much appreciated) . At the moment, have yet to complete the Z-Axis. Currently we are using a sample from IGUS to move the laser up and down, but working on a simpler, cheaper version that can be used. Additionally, the current design utilizes some 3D printed parts that I am trying to get away from and go to full 2D laser/water-jet parts.

Still working on getting the assembly file all put together, but been busy lately putting together the X-Carve upgrade kit onto my Shapeoko 2, along with getting parts 3D printed for customers on my printer. And of course the great time consuming pain of a job, lol :wink: .

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