Anyone have the Openbuilds XYZ Touch Probe Plus connected to their X-Controller

Is anyone using the Openbuilds XYZ Touch Probe Plus with their X-controller?

Where are you getting connecting the Red (5V+), Blue (Probe), and Black (Ground) wires from the probe?

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The +5Vdc and ground simply activates a LED on the openbuilds probe which youd need to solder into the arduino chip or use the openbuilds black box…

Id just ignore that since you dont need that function for the probe to work… so just wire in the probe to the probe connectio of the xcontroller and the bit clip wires to ground on the xcontroller

I assumed I could use the existing probe connection on the x-controller for the Blue (signal) and Black (ground) wires on the Openbuilds XYZ probe plus.

Can anyone suggest the best place to pull 5V+ from the x-controller?

P2 on the ICSP pins.


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