Anyone having issues with the 611?

I’ve read in a few posts on here that the DeWalt 611 speed is too fast for the recommended RPM on most bits, even at it slowest (16.,000 RPM), causing the bits to overheat and shorten lifespan or fail… Anyone here finding this to be the case? What are ya’ll using out there for spindles?

I currently have the 24 VDC spindle in my X-Carve, but I did purchase the 611 and mount but haven’t installed yet, so before I do I’d like to get some feedback.

Thanks, Gentlemen! Keddy

I have been using the Dewalt 611 and love it. I keep the speed set to 3 (halfway) most of the time and get great results.

I Cut Hardwoods mainly and have had 0 issues, I love it. I too keep it between 3-4 on speed. If anything my bit seem to do better with the Dewalt. It really depends on what intend to cut with it. There some good info on bit speeds spread out all over and Inventables says they are working on Easel defaults to get them more precise. I too had the spindle and am thrilled with the DeWalt. Happy Carving.

The RPM of the 611 is about 16,000 at setting 1. This is pretty fast for a spindle but not to fast if you set the feedrate correctly. Generally the larger diameter the bit the lower the RPM for good chip loads. Using bits 1/4 inch or less the RPM of the 611 is fine, but you should really try to keep it around 1 or 2.

You can also choose bits with 2 flutes to allow for faster RPM.

I haven’t been having any trouble at all, myself. I’m one of the crazies that uses the 611 like a router instead of a machine-tool spindle, and tend to use the mid-to-high speed ranges most of the time, testing has shown me that they produce the most reliably fine surface finishes on my parts, particularly when I’m making full-cutter-width passes in profiling. I run single-flute bits most often, which greatly helps with the low-chip-loading issue of using the higher RPMs.

I have no doubt that a lower RPM would be BETTER, but my X-Carve shudders too much (the X-carriage, particularly) when I move it too strongly at a low RPM (defined as ~40ipm at .125 depth, setting 1 with a quarter-inch bit). I get much smoother performance with the RPMs cranked up and the same feeds and depths.

I use a giant Hitachi on one machine (12MV) and the speed goes down to 8k. Also, been carving for 4 years with it and still on the first set of brushes.

ON the other I got the Makita mentioned often here. Very quiet, speed also goes lower than the Dewalt (10k).

Neither, however, have the LEDs the Dewalt has. But I hear the Dewalt burns through brushes - which is no biggie.

I prefer the Makita for weight and noise. But the MASS and power of the HItachi really makes a nice smooth cut if you x-carve is very rigid.

You can add an external controller such as the superPID which can bring it down to 5000rpm.

The input was much appreciated, gentlemen… Thanks!

One more to remember. When you switch to Dewalt, you must understand you have lot more power. If you’re burning bits or materials, that means your feed rate is too slow. You have to forget all feedrate/depth per cut adjustments you’re using with 24V spindle. You may have to follow Dewalt611 posts for more info.

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