Anyone heard from Charlie in Texas?

Haven’t heard from our buddy down in Texas lately. I hope he, and any others are ok down in the swamp. We’re praying for you all down there!



@CharleyThomas, please let us know that you are okay!

Charley in Texas is alive and kickin’

I actually live north of Dallas. All we got from the terrible storms that are destroying a significant portion of the Great State of Texas is unseasonable cool and calm weather. Normally in August we see a morning low of around 85 and an afternoon high of 100+. This last week we have had morning lows of around 68 and afternoon highs around 85. The great weather here is in now way worth the price that so many other fellow Texans are having to pay. A friend of mine here and I looked in to getting a flat bottom boat to go help with search and rescue but neither of us have the proper boat for that.

The sale I started that is giving everyone 30% off has been so well received that I have kept it going much longer than I planned. It has kept me very busy keeping up with the demand for Touch Plate and Y Axis lift plate which are also 30% off.

Thank you to all of you guys for your support and concern.

Charley Thomas


Great to hear you’re ok!

Glad to hear you are doing good! Praying for those affected by the storm.

I’m here in Houston… neighborhood still has water on the roads from the creek but it’s going down… My house was okay but my neighbors closer to the creek went under. They are releasing water from the dams so some neighborhoods water levels are still rising. My Church was totally under water. they are calling it an 800 year flood. This thing was horrible.

Please pray for us here in south Texas.


Glad to hear you are okay, Charley!

To all our Texas friends…hang tough, this too shall pass. It won’t be easy, but you’re a tough bunch and we’re praying for you and I know many are also helping. God Bless my fellow Texans!

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