Anyone help me with how to take a text letter and cut it in half and stretch it so I can add text between where I split it?

I can’t figure out how to do it in Easel. I might try to create it in word or paint and import possibly?

try out Inkscape

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Have 2 copies of the letter. Make 2 squares that are equally sized and cover up half the letter. Stack the squares so they align vertically. Select letter #1 and the top square, go to edit -> combine. Select letter #2 and the bottom square, edit -> combine. Now you can space your two halves apart by just moving them around.


Thanks a ton!

You can go a step further and use the Exploder App to blow the two parts of the letter apart after combining the letter and a white area. Then you can just move them around and combine whatever else you want with the letter halves.

In the project below; the steps are from right to left and the Exploder App was used on the middle letter.