Anyone in australia getting the new x-carve and where are you situated

keen to know if and where people are in aus who are apart of the inventables community

Much that I’d like to get the upgrade, shipping costs make it a bit too expensive.

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I have the V1 X-carve in Perth still debating about upgrading with the upgrade kit.

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I ordered mine a while back. Full 1000mm rail kit, no router or waste board. I’m in Perth too.

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yea sweet im actually in orange nsw bout 3 hrs out of sydney

I’m in Perth also - I’ve looked at the upgrade, but have yet to decide if the shipping is worth it.

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worth it hahaha

Running a V1 x carve in Melbourne.

In process of upgrading with new x rail only, as much as I’d like the x controller I just don’t have the money for it atm.

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Hi David,

I don’t think they have sent my x-carve yet, so If you’re interested in the upgrade kit, I’m happy to ask the question to Inventables if shipping is cheaper if it’s sent with mine gear. Not sure it would be, but could still be worth the question?

Thanks for the offer, it’s tempting, but I’ve got a few other things on at the moment. Not least, this morning I couldn’t dodge a piece of metal falling off a truck which destroyed a tyre on my car. Had to buy two new tyres for $488 - pretty much my XC upgrade gone right there!!! Coulda been worse, I rode home from work this morning on my bike…


I am in Shepparton in regional Victoria, I have a V1 X Carve and just ordered the X axis Maker slide upgrade. I have included the touch probe and relay wiring and a big red button thanks to Martin Borfoed and use a Triquetra touch plate thanks to Charlie in Texas but everything else on my machine works a treat so I can’t see the value in the “full upgrade”.
What will the X Controller give me that I don’t already have?

Hi guys, sorry to dig up a slightly old thread but I’m looking to purchase a 1000mm CNC kit very shortly, however, I’m a bit confused by whether any import taxes would be payable on top of the price quoted by Inventables, I’d be leaving off the waste board, router and a few small bits to save some cost. I’d appreciate any info you guys may have, I’m located in regional Victoria, about 2 hours south-east of Melbourne.

Not Aussie but NZ and had to pay almost NZD 500 for import taxes, assume similar would apply for you. Check this out, might help you out. Unopened X-Carve 750 kit, J Tech 2.8W Laser kit and Suckit in Sydney, Aus

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