Anyone in eastern Connecticut that can lend a hand?

Getting this machine together has been a pain in my ■■■. To me the instructions on this site have blown. I’ve watched the videos…belt tensioning, v wheel motion have been nothing but a head ache. I cant tell if im too loose or too tight and the more i adjust it just seems to get worse. Wish this machine came set up bc i am regretting buying it more and more. I want to get on with this and start learning the software…I have hands like jack hammers and these little peices are defeating me.

Just hang in there and you will get it togther. You will be pleased when it is done and will know alot more about the machine itself when you are done.:smiley:

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@ScottSchmitt Take your time and build it slowly and carefully. You will be glad you did. The belts tension should be around 4.0 lbs when pulled one inch up (vertical). I used a fish scale. The gantry is pushed is all the way back. As far as the v wheels, they should be just tight enough that you can move them just a little with you finger. If you have questions, look to the forum, there are many people who can help you. Also, customer service is great.

If there is a better way to explain belts and v wheels, someone jump into the conversation.