Anyone in my area?

Is there anyone in the Pittsburgh PA or Youngstown OH area that can help me with my Xcarve? I have tried everything and can’t get the y-axis from jamming. If it travels more then an inch at a time it will jam. Its driving me nuts!

Do you have a video of it? I think I know what you are talking about but it would be good to know for sure. Mine was doing it until I realized that my belts were not tight enough.

Check the set screws in all your pulleys. Sounds like they may be loose and are causing the pulley to spin on the shaft. Blue loctite will take care of them and yet allow you to break the screws loose if needed in the future. I had the same problem and that was fixed after making sure the screws were on tight. They would back out after a few days until I put in the blue loctite. Haven’t had the problem since.