Anyone in the Los Angeles, CA area. WILL PAY FOR ASSEMBLY OF X-Carve 1000

I have not ordered the kit. Waiting to see if I can find someone to help me first.

If you need to reach me directly, email me at .
Thanks and crossing my fingers, X-CARVERS.


What type of help are you looking for? This forum has tons of helpful information.

I need someone to put together a yet to be ordered, 1000MM kit for me.

Where’s the fun in letting someone else do it for you? You’ll learn nothing about the machine and how to troubleshoot problems… and you WILL have problems.

Seems like a ton of these posts been popping up lately. I though some of the fun was building it myself and learning.

Should might add a “pay to build” tab

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My guess is, in a couple of weeks we’re start seeing “X-Carve for sale, barely used!” along with a short explanation of how it wasn’t what they expected.


I think it’s a good weeding out process of who wants it bad enough and to learn about the machine and it’s mechanics.
It took me about three weeks to put it together due to family commitments but I am so glad that I did. Was such a great learning process and searching the forum to figure out how to fix it or set it up.

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I think this is the case as there are companies on the net that will build kits for you. The local requirement indicates an ongoing commitment.

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Not to pile on to this - but building it yourself has sooo many advantages. Each machine will have its quirks and knowing the ins/outs of it which is acquired during the build process will help keep you from pulling your hair out when simple repairs / maintenance is required. Its not like a car, where you can take it somewhere to get fixed. When you buy it, you are the one maintaining it.


I just received my 1000mm X-Carve 2 days ago and built 70% of it yesterday in maybe 8 hours. (Still waiting on the wasteboard, dust collection, and toolkit to be shipped). It’s construction process not difficult and the online instructions are really simple. The individual parts are labeled beautifully and it goes together fairly quickly with a bit of patience.

I was a bit apprehensive about building a $2,500 precision machine myself, but this has been easy thus far. Although, I haven’t moved on to the wiring/electronics portion yet and am still awaiting parts, so maybe I haven’t hit the challenging part yet. In any case, I’d like to find an experienced X-Carve user who can help with the fine tuning and provide some 1 on 1 instruction and use tips.