Anyone in the UK have a XCarve for sale? I live in West Yorkshire

If anyone in the Uk has a XCarve in good condition that they are prepared to part with then please contact me. I live in West Yorkshire but would travel to view / purchase a good machine. Ideally I would like something around 500 x 500 or upto 1000 x 1000
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I have a modified 500 x 500 Shapeoko 2 if that’s of any use. I live in North Notts.

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Have you considered the eShapeoko from Amber Spyglass?

Hi John, thanks for the fast reply.
Could you let me have more detail, condition, cutting actual work area and price etc.
If you like it might be better via pm.
Best regards

Hi Will I took a look and it would be quite a saving, if only I could be trusted to put one together.
Could certainly have been an option though.

Many thanks

Hi Custer. This machine as not been used for quite a while now. I’ll will dig it out and fire it up to see if it’s all ok, then take some picks to let us see. Just some things I can remember is the X and Z axis have been strengthened. All axis are screw driven with nema 23 steppers. It as the X Controller to supply the power. At the moment it is fitted with the ‘Silent spindle (300w)’ with speed control.

Hi John, looking forward to hearing from you when you get chance to check things out.

Best regards,


Hi Custer. The X-Controller as developed a fault and will need a replacement psu. I can’t check the machine is working until this is repaired. Have you a contact address so I can send pictures of the machine.

Regards JV

Hi John, if you send a message as a PM and I will let you have my email address, because it is frowned upon to put personal details in plain view on the forum.

Best regards


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