Anyone Interested in Cutting these out? $4 a piece

Hello x-carvers! I am way too busy to handle this request. One of my Etsy customers needs 50 of these 5" wide crowns cutout and shipped to New Jersey. Anyone interested? He needs them .75" thick and intends to paint them. I always used pine but you might be able to talk him into MDF. It needs to be cut with an 1/8" (straight or downcut) bit (no thicker) to match his other pieces. He is willing to pay $4 a piece plus shipping. Send me a message if interested AND you have been CNC carving for more than 3 months.

50 pieces
3/4" thick
5" wide x 2.88"tall
Pine or MDF - ready to prime or paint
1/8" bit (no thicker, and I don’t recommend going thinner)
$4 each
I have a DXF file but can also send a V-Carve file.


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