Anyone Know Anything About Hiwin Carriage Preload?

I have the opportunity to buy some Hiwin Rail/carriages really cheap locally, but I am unsure if they will be suitable.
I have searched online and found many differing opinions.

Basically I am unsure if the preload will be suitable. They are HGH20 carriages with light preload, and I plan to use 4 of them on a Z axis. I don’t know if I’m overthinking this or not so would value any input.

Does anyone know if they will be up to the job? The price is too good to refuse really, but if they will be unsuitable it defeats the object of buying them.


You should be fine with the preload:

20 seems big, the Australian distributor of X-Carve made a heavy mill, not even this heavy, could be interesting to read:

For an X-Carve it might be too heavy for the Z-Axis.

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I had not planned on 20 rail for a Z axis but I can’t pass up on the deal.
I think the rails and carriages weigh roughly the same as my current Z axis, but obviously you would have the weight of some structure and a ballscrew etc to add.

Even if it turns out too heavy for now, I can always keep it for a future all Hiwin rail build.

We all dream of that, here is an example of someone who actually did it, good looking and if you re-use all the electronics very feasable.