Anyone know of a source for Valchromat?

I was wondering if anyone here has used or knows where to get this material.
I am interested in it because its water resistant.

Thanks. :smiley:

Valchromat is moisture resistant ONLY with the right finish preparation. I am interested in it because it’s 30% stronger and more stable than MDF. I will be experimenting with its sound isolation properties later this year. It also increases the lifespan of router bits because it has a built-in lubricating melamine agent in its composition. As a added bonus it is also extremely environmentally friendly. In the States you can find it at InterSource Specialties. Would love to make a wasteboard and torsionbox with it. Hopefully one day Inventables will start carrying it. You might want to also look into a product called ForesColor which is very similar. You can find it here;


Another big plus to using this stuff is that it is not manufactured with, and does not give off formaldehyde, like MDF does. The formaldehyde emission of ForesCOLOR is classified as E0 grade. Amazing for this type of material. Much safer and healthier to use and to be around. Due to the high melamine content of resin used and its excellent high density profile, there is little or no sanding required after machining.

I just learned that it is available online from Interlay Design. My sources tell me they are located on the border of Virginia and North Carolina. Two 4 x 8 sheets (one 5mm, one 18mm) would cost 150.00. The 5 mm (6 mm is around 1/4 inch) sheets are only $40.00 ($1.25 sq. ft.). The 5 mm is also slightly stronger than the 18 mm.

You can also order samples from them. I am seriously thinking about making both my wasteboard and Torsion Box out of it, especially since it’s 30% stiffer/stronger than MDF. I just wish it came in white, but I’m sure they’re working on it.

just checked out the site. You can’t order online. There is no listing for it.
So I assume you have to call them.

I am interested in its moisture resistant qualities as well.
I dislike MDF as it is uneaven over time and if you spill water/oil on it it swells up.

First I would click on this link and see if there is a distributor closer to you to order from;

If you can’t find a distributor that’s closer, then click on this link and ask for a quote;

I just found a distributor that is around 4 hours away, so I might just rent a truck and drive down there and stock up on some for all my future projects. When you consider that there’s a 35.00 skid charge plus shipping, it might be well worth it to simply pick it up myself.

I just learned that Inventables now carries ForesColor. Unfortunately they only sell really small pieces like 12" x 12". Hopefully they will add larger pieces to their inventory soon. Why they don’t sell wasteboards made out of ForesColor is beyond me. It is a MUCH better material to use for a wasteboard than MDF. You can order the small 12" x 12" sized pieces here if you want to see all of the advantages of this material first hand;

You could use these with rails to create the full size waste area.
I think I would do it that way anyway.

I would much prefer if they were 6" x 48" or 12" x 48" so that they could be used in strips (like Phils wasteboard). They also only offer 1/4 inch thickness, which I think is too thin for a proper wasteboard. If you decide to use these please post and let everyone know. It would be interesting to see how well they work in the smaller size.

good news,* Valchromat sells 24x24 sheets here on Amazon.

PS: maybe we can all start begging inventables to sell large format Valchromat?

I did a search, evidently Atlantic Plywood sells it. They are in Chicago, east USA, down to Georgia. I am near Nashville, I guess a road trip to Atlanta might be in my future.

Not sure if this is a dumb question, but would you lay this on top of the MDF and then mill the surface to then make it level or would take out the stock MDF and replace it with this for a flat surface?

Do you have a link to their web page?? I live in Chicago and would LOVE to get some of this.

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Thank you very much!!!

@Bob did you ever wind up ordering some here in Chicago? Would love to find a source as well.

Based out of Richmond