Anyone know the Aussie version of the Dewalt 611?

Does anyone know of what the Australian equivalent is for the Dewalt 611? I’ve looked around but I;m struggling to make sense of the different model numbers. The 611 appears to be something not sold in Oz and it’s difficult to get accurate info on the various body sizes.

We’re 240v, 50Hz down here. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


I think it is the D26204. The modifications for hooking up the Super PID to the 611 actually refer to this model, so I think they are equivalent.

I am considering DeWalt D26200 1/4in Compact Fixed Base Router 230 Volt DEWD26200 which is weigh 2kg and 100pounds cheaper in UK. Not sure if it fits the d611 spindle carriage. Appreciate any help.
Now that I bought the D26200 the weight is over 4KG. but works fine.

Looks like this one:

Thanks folks.
Found one at a nearby retailer for $339. Of course I’ll then also need to find some kind of mounting for it (don’t know if the Inventables mount will fit). Just need to save all my coins to be able to buy one.

I’d be interested in anyones feed back on this type of upgrade.

I’m not sure if this will work, but you might be able to get the 611 from amazon or inventables and then get something like this from Jaycar

It’ll cost a bit with the shipping and all that, but it’ll be cheaper than getting the $339 one

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That Jaycar stepdown transformer is not suitable for a router, it’s only 50VA and the DeWalt router is in the order of 900VA.

I’m open to correction on this but my understanding is that the DeWalt D26200-4 is the 230v (i.e European/Aussie) equivalent of the DeWalt 611. From what I’ve read they are the same size/spec and will fit the 611 mount. If you order from Robosavvy (UK distributor) you can see the DeWalt D26200 and DeWalt D26200 Spindle Mount at the only spindle options. I’ve yet to order my xcarve but being based in Ireland the above is what my research has found.

Yes, it fits the mount sold by Inventables.

Hey mate

I picked up the Makita instead, its an awesome unit. Could that be an option for you? Its well priced too.

@TrentHailes Thanks for the suggestion, but I grabbed the DeWalt. I did look at the Makita as it looked like a nice bit of gear, but I’d already ordered the mount…

Like everyone says, the XC with a bigger spindle is a much much better machine…

I too am going with the Makita and am mounting it in the 611 mount.

About the same power as the 611, but also a lower achievable RPM which is better for wax, plastics, and alu.

Edit: for clarification, it’s the Makita RT0700C with variable speed and 1.25 HP

@Rusty just installed his this way:

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I did the same thing. Actually it might be better because of the way the 3D model was created with the air vents. Essentially the airflow is directed out the sides and it works incredibly well.

I have been carving PCB’s for the past few weeks with this setup and it’s incredibly accurate.

BTW the Makita I think is quieter than the stock spindle at lower RPM. Having said that once you wind it up to max it can be quite noisy.

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Just finished the mount for my Makita. I’ll have to look at alternatives as I’ll want this mount back for my other cnc router.
See thread here - Downunder build
If the 3d printed sleeve in the Inventables mount proves effective, I might get one.

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