Anyone know where to get Makerslide in Australia?

One of my next projects is going to be a motorised camera dolly (camera slider) which will pretty much look like one of the axis of an X Carve.

I’ll get most of the wheels, bearings, belts, control gear etc from Inventables (they supported me, so I’ll try to support them whenever I can - and encourage others to do the same), but living in Aus, the Makerslide isn’t something I really want to order from the states.

Does anyone know of:

  • An Aussie supplier for Makerslide (google isn’t really coming up with anything)
  • Or, is there something similar to which I can attach a wheeled ‘trolley’?

Whether I drive it using toothed belts or by a rack & pinion, will be decided largely upon what type of extrusion I choose, but ideally, I’d like a system where I can bolt several (approx 1.5m - 2m) lengths together over which a self-propelled trolley can be driven. Maker slide with a gear rack cut into it or mounted onto it, would be ideal.

I’ve seen some nice versions using pipes, square extrusions etc, but having spent more than a few hours watching my X Carve move up, down & backwards and forwards, I like the idea of a trolley that’s ‘captive’ to the rails and can be mounted horizontally, vertically etc.

I also want to be able to break it down for transport, yet be strong enough to hold a full frame DSLR and lens without flopping around in the breeze.

Suggestions on suppliers would be really appreciated.

@DavidWestley Try, it’s where I got my X-Carve bits (their version is the XYZ-Carve). Ben is very helpful.
There’s also an eBay seller in Newcastle.

HAve a look too at Makerstore and Openbuilds, they both carry the v-slot extrusion.

You may also be able to find an AUS distributor for this stuff

This is what you are probably trying to build

Oz distributor of Sparkfun is Littlebird.
That Actobotics stuff is not cheap though. Makerslide seems a much better idea, more configurable too.
Have you seen this one from Inventables?