Anyone know why?

Some reason, my slide does not hold the position. It pulls away every time I try to get it even with the other side. Bad belt?

I think you’re showing that your gantry is not square and when you try to make it square the gantry moves back to its natural position which is pit of square.
Do I have this correct?

How tight is your belt? If it is overtightened, this can happen. Also, I’ve found it easier to align left and right sides while the steppers are engaged. Otherwise, you might need to loosen the belt, move the gantry and re-tighten.

Maybe it’s just the video, but is your belt and rail wet?

The belt is Guitar string tight on both sides. The same as it has always been, and now it seems just out of the blue to slip backwards, almost like it is being torqued back by something. I clean off the wood chips with a rag and mineral spirits, that is why it looks wet.

Yeah that is what it seems to be to me as well, but why all of a sudden it is doing that? I look for a video to see how to get it back square, or at least check it. Well, let you know when I do it.

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Here’s a little recap on squaring.

@KennethMaddux here is a very simple method to square your machine.

In looking at your video clip again, it is also possible that your stepper motor is failing.