Anyone live in the clearwater fl area ? Could use help

Hi I’m new to all of this and don’t really understand how to use v carve with the machine. I have no clue. I can use easel pretty well but it is too limited and Id like some live help If possible. Will be willing to pay for time. With someone experienced who can lead me in the right direction. have all video tutorials showing step by step. That’s my suggestion.

Keep in mind that VCarve is used to design your work and to generate the G Code for the job. You’ll then use another program to interface with the XCarve and to send it the code (I use Universal GCode Sender - UGS, however there are several others which are generally free).

Have a look in the forum at installing and using UGS - any questions, ask. Lots of really helpful people here…

Yes I am aware of how it’s supposed to go. I’m pretty good with v carve and solidworks but I have no exp in sending g codes and all of that. So im quite stuck

Was hoping to cut down on wasted hours upon hours digging through the Internet and reading just to find out a few most likely simple steps for to get this going. There ought to be a dl link posted here for the software and a user manual for it. But everything is easel this and that. But you can’t do hardly anything with easel