Anyone local to Northeast Ohio?

I would love to get together with a few folks who are owners of either the Shapeoko or the X-Carve. I have one myself and want to see what others are doing with theirs as well as get some pointers from more experienced owners.

Post here or send me a PM if you’re local, let’s chat!

Canton Ohio here. Still a noob myself

You’re just south of me. I’m in Copley.

Massillon Ohio, small world

Haha, yes it is. I’m in NW canton by the old Glenoak on 44th st.

I went to that school lol. Wow

Man its good to know there are a few people local that have a machine. I haven’t gotten mine running yet, im lagging behind with so many other projects, most of which are waiting on the cutter to progress…

Aside from the time its taken to build, I think ive spent an equal amount of time on adjustments. Its so important to get the eccentric nuts properly adjusted and the methods vary so much. I can’t imagine that there would be much precision with any slop on the rails and too much inefficiency and drag if you make em too tight.

The biggest thing holding me back is really the surface on which the carver will sit on. I have a bunch of 3/4" white oak plywood left over from previous projects that I will use as a surface to mount to. I had this idea to buy a plastic Lifetime table, take the metal frame off the bottom and attach it to the oak plywood to use as the legs.