Anyone looking for the IOT Relay?

Just received my iot relay from If anyone is looking for one. I know digital loggers were sold out for a while.

Is this working well on the XController and the Dewalt 611?

I have one and it works great.

Thanks Jan. I appreciate the feedback.

I bought one off Amazon a while back and it works very well. It appears to be sold out there, but they may be in back in stock later.

Adafruit also has the same model for sale, and also sold out.

Something like this power tail from Adafruit should also work, but I haven’t tested it.

It appears that the makers of the IoT relay are working on version 2:

Mine is coming Monday. :slight_smile:

I heard back from support at digital-loggers this morning:


Thank you for your inquiry. We are expecting the new IOT Relay to be back in stock in mid-July. I can email you when they are available.

Thank you,
Dainty Gavidia
Digital Loggers Inc
Corporate Systems Center"

I’ll keep an eye on it and update this thread if it shows up online.

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It is available for ordering again on Amazon. I set up an email alert and ordered mine yesterday for shipping on 7/28 at $27.99 prime shipping.


And I’ve now officially started ordering parts for CNC #2. Going with an X-Carve 500mm base with Phil’s controller setup.

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One of the best investments I have made for my machine. Turns the spindle and vacuum system on when ready to carve and of when the carve is complete. Now if I could just find something to make my 3D models for me.

I could make one but it would not be as cheap. :confused:

Exactly. I’m all for building things, but the IOT Relay is inexpensive and significantly better than one I’d design.


Is this the same one?

Yes that’s it

How did you wire it to your X controller? Mine did not have any instructions. TY