Anyone make a craftsman zero insert plate?

hey guys im wondering if anyone on here has made a zero clearance insert plate for a newer craftsman table saw i have tried to make several of them and i can never get anything to line up or the radius of the top opening . im about to just give up.if anyone has any help i would appreciate it . thanks

What have you tried so far? What Software are you using? Assuming your machine is all set up and is as accurate as you need in terms of precision. I have not made one but plan on making one for a unisaw in the next little while.

I haven’t a need to make a zero clearance plate, but I recently made a control cover plate for an electric guitar, which is a similar fit to what you are trying to do. I traced the guitar’s control cavity with a piece of printer paper taped over it to hold it in place. Then, with the edge of a #2 pencil lead, I shaded over the cavity onto the paper. The perimeter edge that gets the darkest line when shading got scanned with a ruler for scaling. Then I stuck the scan jpg in the background of my CAD program and drew the actual lines over it. Then I scaled it up and cut it out on the x-carve. It fit nicely on the first try.

i am using easel and i have taken all of the measurements that i can from calipers but every time i try any cut it seems to be off more then it should be .

i have thought about that and tried to use my scanner but the plate is to long to fit it and im not sure how to scan to halves and but them together

Cut it slightly oversized and sand to fit


Have you calibrated your X and Y axes?

Draw it on the paper and put some registration lines across it, then cut it in two, and use the lines to match thjem up after you scan them individually.

It’s just a rectangle with a couple of circles. I’d say measure and go.

ive got that part close enough to let it slide but i have all the stuff that has to be cut out for the underside of the plate the leveling tabs and the lift for the blade . i am trying to get it as best as i can so i can do it on the phenolic inserts i have

About a minute into this video he describes how to work out the exact dimensions of the to curved ends. The rest is pretty to easy to measure.

If it’s for a model number 113. I have a brand new in bag one that I’m looking to sell. Bought a new table saw and don’t need this insert.

mine is a newer model and a little bigger plate then the 113 looking at the dimensions but thanks