Anyone making money with their xcarve?

Just bought my xcarve last month and this week probably will be able to start working with it . I bought it mainly to earn some money with it. Would like to know if someone was able to make some income with it and what would be a good product to make

Many people make money with their XCarve. If you just want to make money, look around and see what’s popular and make it. Personalized and/or ‘inspirational’ signs and cutting boards seem to be easy sellers, and they’re a good way to learn the workings of the machine.

Or if you have a creative vision you want to sell, try making an example and set up a place to show it off. If it’s truly original, be sure when you price it that you take into account the materials cost, your time, and the value of your intellectual property.

You can find some good info from this old topic :wink:


I make money with all my tools, but I never buy a tool and then figure out what to do with it. I usually buy the tool I need for what I’m doing.

Yes me too all my tools made their money worth 1000 times. And the x carve I bought it because I need it for a couple of things but I was wondering what everyone was doing with it and maybe get some ideas

I would say the largest percentage of people are doing small scale sign work. Myself included.

Sign stuff seems to be what most people are making money from. Pet stuff is another avenue that people love. I get requests for both on a pretty consistent basis. It’s not life-changing money, but it definitely helps take the wife out to dinner every now and then.

We’ve paid for our machine several times from online sales. Find a niche that works for you and run with it.

would love to see your items you sell. Do you have a link? Thanks