Anyone Makita spindle users I need help

Hi I recently upgrade Makita spindle I try both methods automatic relay system and manually switch on but I have problem while cutting the machine stops Immediately while cutting nothing happens Easel tells How did it turn out your cutting. I try air cutting it is working fine I run many jobs in air working fine but when I cutting the machine stops Immediately when start some cutting in the middle I try both from UGCS and Easel both have same problem I did not get what cause is this issue coming from I also check the USB port in device manager it is showing fine adruino connected in USB com3. but machine disconnects while cutting. anyone have like this issue could you please give me some help.

I had mine stop mid cut and shut of the spindle. It turns out it was a false limit switch trigger, probably caused by RF noise form sparks in the router motor.
I changed my settings to make my switches Homing only and the problem went away.

It could also be UBS connection issues (again caused by RF noise.)
If changing the switch modes doesn’t help try a different USB cable and maybe a powered USB hub.

I have the Makita and below speed setting 3 I usually do not get any USB disconnects (Arduino/GRBL-shield, not X-carve but diy) You say you tried air carve, was this with Makita running or turned off?
Try to air carve with speed setting 1, what happens? If it runs increase spindle speed during air carve.

The Makita is similar to Dewalt611 in the sense it is not grounded, only two wires in the power cord.
Create as much distance between USB/Controller and the power cord as possible.

Any change?