Anyone move a long distance with their X-Carve?

Hi All.

I am in the process of moving across the country and am looking for recommendations for protecting the machine while in transit?

Has anyone done this? What are your suggestions for padding/protecting the machine?


I moved from Utah to Hawaii with mine. I broke it all down and put plates and electronics in a USPS flat rate box and all my extrusions into a 4" abs pipe that was also shipped usps. When I got to hawaii, I built a torsion table and sourced some mdf for the wasteboard. It was a fun lil moving adventure.

I moved from Connecticut to Virginia with my 500; it rode in the cab of the moving truck on the passenger side seat and some other stuff that was stuffed under it on the floor to make everything all level. I had no issues.

I would build a crate if I moved a 750 or 1000 and didn’t want to brake it down.


Brandon Parker