Anyone order an Emblaser 2?


Have ordered an Emblaser 2. Any anyone else ordered one? Would be good to know once we are up and running.


I have looked at them- that is a lot of money for a 5 watt laser. Glowforge basic is only a few hundred more and is 40 watts.

My $350 40 watt Ebay special hasn’t let me down lol.

My issue with the Glowforge was the constant delays as well as the dependence on the web.

Darkly has a track record and thought that I would give them a try.

Ordered an Emblaser 2 not a Glowforge.

np…It’s Sunday!!

Question is, how does a 5w laser diode compare to 40W CO2?

That’s what drew me to it along obviously with price!!

I am not doing major stuff - engraving pens, boxes and looking to cut some 1/'8" wood. Should be able to handle it.

If I outgrow will upgrade but an the moment cannot justify something like an Epilog!

Have received the Emblaser and so far so good. Just trying to get the hang of Laserweb and having an issue trying to get it to create a new home instead of the default one for engraving logos etc. on centre.

Have put the EM2 through the paces and apart from some issues with DPI settings, etc. it is working well. For my purposes it was an excellent investment!!

Some of my projects so far.