Anyone regret buying the 750mm version and wish they'd gone bigger?

I’m in need of a CNC machine and looking heavily into the X-Carve. I just need to figure out the size I’ll need. My current project is simple inlays for end-grain cutting boards. The boards themselves are only 10x14 so the 500mm would be fine but I think the 750mm would be better for future proofing. The 1000mm just looks way too big for anything I would be doing and I donp’t have a lot of space in my garage as is. I’m just a hobbyist who might make some gifts, cutting boards, etc. Can’t imagine why I’d need the 1000mm version, but if someone has bought the 750mm and regretted it, please let me know.

Hi Adam.
I bought the 750mm version late last year, and have not regretted it once.The stuff I’m doing doesn’t require the bigger machine, but I also don’t have the space for the 1000mm. If I ever do large format carving I will learn to tile, but until then, I am very happy with the 750mm.

I have a 750x1000 machine after building a 500x1000mm machine. The upgrade to 750mm wide has been extremely helpful. I have occasionally used the full length 1000mm, but nothing that couldn’t have just been tiled if I only had a 750mm length.

I have, however, never needed to cut something wider than the 750mm can handle. With the ability to tile through an infinite distance on the y axis, I personally think the 750mm is a great size.

All depends on how you plan to use your machine. This should have far more impact on your selection than any other persons experience.

Keep in mind, upgrading either the y axis or x axis to increase size from 750mm to 1000mm is relatively simple and not prohibitively expensive.

I have the 750, and I really wish I’d sprung for the 1000. I had an easy place to put the 750, and it fits great there, but I would have been happier if I’d made the space for the 1000. Keep wanting to make big things, and the 750’s 20"x20" working area gets cramped from time to time. The 1000 is more like 30"x30".

Still, I don’t regret buying the XCarve. Someday I’ll upgrade to something bigger.

Actually, I think the 500 only has about a 10x10 working area. You’d need the 750 for 10x14 without tiling.

The 500x500 is limited to 11.8x11.8" so you would need the 750 (which could do two cutting boards in one sitting)

Kinda reminds me of a saying an old mechanic once told me when, as a young boy, i asked why he had so many tools.

"It’s better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.
With a 1000 mm machine, toy can easily go smaller, but with a 500 or even 750 mm machine it’s not as easy to go bigger.
I started out in the cnc hobby with a Next Wave Automation Piranha- 10 x 13 work area.

Out grew it in about 20 minutes. sold it and bought the 1000 mm for about the same money.

No regrets

although bigger has a cost of stiffness as well.


I bought the 750, and am very happy with it. I have a 1 car garage, full of other tools, and the 750 fits perfectly on my pre-existing bench. I haven’t run into anything yet that the 1000 would do that the 750 wouldn’t. If space was no object, I’d probably be looking at larger than 1000 anyway.

Several years ago we bought a growth series Torchmate in the 2’x2’ size 6 months later I was up grading it. When we started looking at the X-Carve for the woodshop, I was thinking the 750 would be enough for it’s intended use. Right as I was about to order,(I was on the Inventables site with my credit card in hand), I asked my wife what she thought about size, She asked about price and told her the difference. She told me to get the 1000. As we talked about it I realized that I can do small work on a big machine. But it’s harder to do big work on a small machine. Our shop is very small. But never regretted getting the bigger machine, Also to be fair I have yet to need my machine be bigger. But the day is coming when I will.

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