Anyone tried CAMLab for 3D Relief Carvings?

Has anyone used CAMLab for 3D Relief Carvings? I guess the software is still in Alpha stage, but it looks promising. Although in my initial attempts at using it I crashed the browser a few times before i could export the gcode.

If anyone has used it, I’d like to hear what you think about it.

It’s based on Kiri:Moto which has been around for a while.
Search the forum for “kiri” and you’ll find a lot of hits.

Here’s the original post from the dev.

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Tomas Sanladerer interviewed a fellow at MRRF who claimed to be the developer behind CAMLab. You can look for Thomas’s video on YouTube. It was a few days ago.

This does sound interesting. I may have to give this a try. Personally, I use VCarve Desktop.

Yeah that’s the video that prompted me to take a look at CAMLab!

But @NeilFerreri1 is right on how its based on Kiri:Moto although it seems to be a little more streamlined.

I’m going to try it out sometime this week, I’ll post about it here afterwards.

It is from a young company out of Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.
Sienci Labs
They just released a new CNC aimed at the entry level. Really good looking design.
I haven’t tried the software yet, but I am hoping to.

I had my students use Kiri:Moto a couple of years ago to generate gcode for their 3D designs (we use Autodesk Inventor). It ended up being unusable because of a bug that plunged the Z to full depth before starting (going off my memory from two years ago).
I’ve wanted to get back to it since, but haven’t had a chance.

EDIT: Here was the issue I raised. (since closed)