Anyone tried this laser?

Looking at a laser add on and this appears drastically cheaper. Wouldn’t work without extra board or hookup programmed for laser control?

Found it from this Instructables page:

Still need to be able to drive it from a PWM signal and be able to enable/disable. If you know what you are doing it is fine but if you do not have any experience, buying from a reputable dealer will give you lots of hand holding. (Hint Hint Jtech)

See my build:

The laser works fine. however it works via off and on.
It does not appear to be PWM compatible (no “shades of grey”).
You will need to use a device like a MOSFET to turn it on and off (A relay would be too slow).
For basic lettering, and engraving it works great.
But if you were going to try and do “pictures”, I wouldn’t recommend it.

Thanks for the info, all. JJ your build looks great.

I am 2 steps away from clueless when it comes to lasers, just saw one that was 1/4th the price of the Jtech and got intrigued…

Hard to commit to the Jtech when there are assembled, ready to go 40w lasers on eBay for only $350. Thinking through all my options, will probably just have to wait on the Jtech

Apples and Oranges! I own both the JTech and a 40w CO2 Laser. Each has it strengths and weaknesses. The 40W has a limit of about 8 x 10 inches of workspace. You will need to invest more money and time to make it usable and of course more room and venting concerns.

Here is a great group on the 40W lasers but I warn you, you just might order one anyway after visiting!