Anyone use 80/20 Inc. to build an enclosure for their x-carve?

Hi all. I’m interested in building an enclosure for my x-carve for the purposes of sound dampening and dust control. After doing some research, I found that I really like the industrial look that 80/ provides.

That said, their website/youtube channel has such a vast amount of information, that I’ve quickly found myself overwhelmed on the exact part list needed to build a simple box with a few acrylic windows and a door.

Has anyone worked with 80/20 to build something similar? If so, do you have any recommendations on how to approach this? Also, if you have any pictures, I’d love to see them.

For reference, I am hoping to build something like the top portion of this:

Thanks in advance!

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google “router 80/20 enclosure” for all sorts of designs that would work with the x-carve.

I just finished up my enclosure for namely dust control aside a few odds and ends.
Basically took a look around at other designs and then modeled something up that fit my needs.
PC panels with rubber gaskets, 20 series framing, and all hardware to assemble.
I passed the wiring through the side panel via a cord grip and mounted my X-controller vertically on the outside.
Will post a picture here in a bit.

Keep in mind if you intend to upgrade/mod your x-carve you may want to allow for some more wiggle room within the enclosure.

Thanks Paul.

Do you have a vac hooked up to the machine? If so, how’d you run that through the enclosure?

Also, did the enclosure seem to have a positive impact on dampening the sound?

Intend to add dust system once my order is fulfilled by Inventables. Placed early Dec and ETA is early next month. Sound is reduced a bit with the enclosure as it stands. I may look into adding more dampening on outside of framing.


Thats a great looking set up! Is the front panel hinged?

I also ordered the dust system in the early part of December but am still waiting. So much for 2-3 week shipping time!


Yeah the front panel is hinged from the right side. I have a crude latch on the left side for the time being to keep the door from sagging.

I’m looking forward to the dust system as well so I can finalize this enclosure.
Hoping to have a two piece adapter that sandwiches the top or right side panel (threads into itself). May have turn one myself if I can’t find something that fits both ends.
Then, I can detach the Fein hose pictured and use it to clean the chips within the enclosure as they begin to build up.

Also will be adding some soft of air filter to alleviate negative pressure from the vacuum.

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Wow, I was looking for something exactly like this as I’m designing my enclosure. Thanks for the heads-up.

Roughly how much did it cost to build and would you have a parts list?? In future I’d like to build one for my 1000mm x carve

$220 in extrusions cut to spec and panel gasket, shipped
$120 in polycarbonate panels cut to spec, 1/8" thick, picked up local

not sure how much got into the hardware, had some and purchased the rest.
i dont have a parts list, but happy to answer any questions.

biggest factor with my setup was ensuring it fit in the closet haha.

That’s ashame because these look so much nicer than my mdf box. I tried google or here. Everything shows the builds but doesn’t really go into detail about part number for hinders or rails. I’d love to have one with a double door in the front and a sliding door in the back (like magic trick you’re about to saw a lady in half) this way you have access or performing a tiling job

Completely understand.

I started from scratch myself and spent few hours researching here and there browsing various sites from my phone.

If I get a moment tonight I will try to give a break down on some more of the component specifics.
The framing layout is the biggest variable and comes down to user taste (size/shape/features).
I tried to keep mine very basic in case I tear this thing down I can hopefully utilize it for something else in the future.

Yeah mine would be basically large due to my screw drive system.

Looking to make something like this or all panels inside could be plexiglass or see thru material

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20 series aluminum extrusions (2020)
20 series economy rubber panel gasket (#14157 @ 80/20)
Polycarbonate 1/8" thick panels
Aluminum L-shape plates for 20 series
Aluminum T-shape plates for 20 series
2 Hole Inside Corner Bracket Gusset for 2020 Series
Rail To Rail Hinge for 20 Series (#5537T859 @ McMasterCarr)
Latch-Style Toggle Clamp (#5071A51 @ McMasterCarr) *note: use drawing to fabricate alloy plate interface
Rubber Bumper Feet (#8884T21 @ McMasterCarr)
Cord Grip (#7310K15 @ McMasterCarr) *note: barely fits stock wiring and dewalt 611 power cable
1/8" thick aluminum angle for the X-Controller vertical mount
EPDM seal for the inside of the door @ Home Depot
Lots of T-Nuts & Button Head Screws

Still need to add inlet hose and vacuum hose to enclosure so few more things to sort out. (Interface @ panel)
I got some plastic handles that fit t-slot, but I’m probably going to swap those out for an alloy alternative

Hope this helps!

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